Closet Noises

A few years back I took a babysitting job for a family my mother knew from church. There were considered wealthy by other's standard. Their home was massive and seemed unnecessary. There was only the mom, dad, and their daughter April (not including pets).

When I arrived at the home, the mother gave me a long list of things about the home including how big it was. The house had 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, an attic, a basement, two-story home, two dining areas, a living room, and a media room. Honestly, the house was huge and overwhelming for me. The parents handed me 150 dollars cash for the weekend of babysitting and money for food. I was left alone with a 4 year, her imaginary friend Molly, a dog, a cat, and a guinea pig.

When the dark came and I realized how creepy the house really was at night I was slightly scared. I decided to sleep in the room with April and all her pets because I wanted to make sure she was safe. (Secretly we all know I was scared or afraid something could eat her in the dark)

I was awaken at 3:16am by April and her terrified little pale face. So I asked her what was wrong. She instantly pointed to her closet. Of course I thought nothing of it because she was a baby and children sometimes imagine things.

She told me there was noise in the closet. I go out the bed and walked over to the closet ready to fight (with nothing in my hand). I put my ear against the door and just listened. After 5 minutes of laying against the cold oak door, I decided that it was safe. I opened the door and turned the closet light on. There was nothing but clothes on hangers and little shoes on the floor. I turned the light out and closed the door. I laughed very awkwardly as she smiled in relief. Then there was a loud noise from behind the door.

April looked at me as I looked at the door. If I was half sleep I was completely awake now. The noise came again. I looked at the door stunned and I couldn't feel my legs. What brought me back was when April squeezed my hand with tears in her eyes. I hate to see a sad child, it is my weakness. "THUMP".

I swear nothing was in the closet but something was trying to come out of it. I told April to grab everyone (the pets and Molly) and meet me at the front door. I pushed the bed against the closet door. I moved the dresser against the bed and ran downstairs behind April. I grabbed my keys and my bag then open the front door. We ran to my car. I opened the back door putting in April, all the pets, and Molly because she wouldn't let me leave Molly. I made sure the front door was closed and locked. I drove off without looking back.

April's parents came to my house to get everyone and asked me what happened. I explained it. April explained it but all we got was a blank expression. They asked me could I babysit again. I told them only if it's at my house. It is sad to say I never saw April again. I hope she okay…….


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