The Basement Door

The house was old like super old. The parents said it was built-in the 1800s. I thought to myself how on the green planet is this house still standing.

I heard many horror stories about how a man went insane and murdered everything then built them into the house. A lot of babysitters were afraid to go inside the house but not me. Like an idiot I agreed to go into that creepy house.

I walked up to the old door and it was a chilly fall day. I wore only a hoodie because I had boots on which were adorable by the way. I knocked on the door to the parents who were so relieved to see me. They told me they hadn’t had alone time since the kids were born. They had three kids and the eldest was 8 years old. That is a long time…….

I walked in to a normal cozy home with furniture and toys all over the floor. You know a typical home with a bunch of kids in it. They handed me a list, my pay, pizza money, and hugged me. As they left out the door I thought they were too friendly and that was creepy.

I pulled out my cellphone and ordered the pizza which the kids screamed cheese for 5 minutes straight. I sat on the couch while they asked me a bunch of questions and I tried to stop the little fuzzy one from crying. It was the normal questions. How old are you? Do you have kids? Did you know we live with dead people? I wasn’t amused plus kids have a huge imagination.

After dinner, I go them ready for bed but the little crawler, Josh, refused to sleep. I kept in a pouch in front of me so I could carry him. He didn’t mind he just kicked and giggled. As we walked to the kitchen I noticed there was a basement door. The door had salt, sage, and locks all over it. I didn’t think nothing of it. It was late and I was washing dishes with a baby pulling my hair.

When the dishes were done, I turned around to find the locks on the door unlocked. I didn’t hear anybody behind me and the kids were still sleep, according to the baby monitor in my hand. Unlike a horror movie, I refused to investigate so I locked all the locks back and went to the living room to sit with the baby.

He finally fell asleep and was so adorable. Then I heard the locks. I got up with the baby to check the basement door but when I got there the door was cracked this time. I closed the door and locked all the locks. I went upstairs and got the kids up. They looked confused with their sleepy eyes. I told them we needed to get in the car and leave.

I called the police to check the house and we waited in my car that was parked in the front of the house. The police never found anything but I refused to go back in that house. When the parents arrived, I apologized and handed them their children. I explained what happened and they understood. I left and went home. I found out later that the stories were true about the house. The remains of the family were in the basement. I never went back to babysit.


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