Odd Dreams or Not

You ever wake up? Like not just wake up but like there sort of aware of your surroundings but not really conscious. I have……

I stayed a night at my grandparents house because I decided to help them around the house and they live out in a small country town so when it’s dark you can’t drive home unless you are truly brave. Well, I am not that brave. So I decided to stay the night and one of the spare bedrooms. The room of course was old fashion like many of rooms in an elderly person’s house. You know it has a very unique style that is set in a certain time they’re stuck in…Anyways not the point.

I don’t like to sleep in the dark and I never have since I was a child. I feared things in the dark. I honestly don’t care what people say I know something is there. So I layed in that room with the night light on and the television playing for a little background noise since the house was so quiet it creeped me out. I eventually became tired and my eyes closed.

I woke up out of nowhere. I looked around and I felt like someone was watching me. I tried to move but I couldn’t so I panicked. I could feel my anxiety rising and I couldn’t scream or say anything. Then there she was. I never saw this woman before in my life but she was in the room with me. My first impulse was not to see who she was or even look at her face but run just run.

My body wouldn’t move and I was beyond mad at myself for my body letting me down like a jerk. She was next to the bed and I saw her long fingers and burgundy nail polished nails touch my stomach. Her hand was moving up and up. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest. I was hyperventilating. I was crying. Was she going to kill me? My eyes closed.

I woke up. At least I think I woke up or did I ever fall asleep. I can’t say I really know. I layed there in the bed and looked around. It was daylight and the room was very bright. The door was still locked. I kept replaying in my mind that woman and her touching me. I must have been dreaming but there was a hand imprinted on my blanket and the way it was positioned showed it wasn’t mine.


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