The Odd Girl

I grew up odd or weird people said I was. I never really spoke to anyone or said too much because I didn’t like follow up questions. I was told I spoke funny because my English was proper and voice was high. I guess it didn’t match the stereotype people made for me. 

As time went on I ended up the emo girl which was awful but I have outgrown my self torture but not my darkness. 

One day I met a girl like myself who people were afraid of because of her rep at a previous school. I wasn’t. I wanted that rep so bad I could rip my heart out for it. 

Obviously someone didn’t get the memo because a popular girl teased me for days for hanging with the new girl. I told my friend I was sick of it. She told me she had a plan as she left my house in the middle if the night. 

Days turned into weeks. The popular girl was no where to be found. There was no trace of her happy pink car or her stupid face. She was just gone…..

I walked down the hall as people dodged me and opened my locker to a note. “Here’s my rep, you’re welcome”. I found out my friend was involved in the missing of that girl. Many stories floated around about knives and car trunks. I didn’t really care but nobody knew much. Neither did I. Nobody bothered anymore.

Funny thing is my school had no records of my friend….


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