The Demon

He doesn’t really bother me. He sleeps in my room. He doesn’t try to scare me or make me feel fear. Sometimes he smiles with what seems like a teeth that go on forever. He stands so tall I wonder how he fits under my bed sometimes. When I’m in the shower I can feel him outside the door. That is very nice of him to give me privacy. When I am doing a task I can see him peering over my shoulders. He use to scare me but something happened that made that fear go away…..

It was a year ago. I just got new neighbors. They were always very loud and rude to the other neighbors including myself. One night the neighbors threw a huge party and everything on my property was vandalized. I was so upset and didn’t know what to do. That’s when he came to me as I cried and held out his hand to me. It resembled a claw of gargoyle. I was frightened but the look in his eyes felt warm and sweet.

The next day I decided to clean up the mess the party left everywhere and my rude neighbor came over to brag about it. I looked at the ground as he hurled insults and used vulgar language to describe women he conquered. I walked away while planning to get rid of him. So went home and promised the demon we could be together forever. I would take him everywhere no matter where in the world as long as he didn’t mind a few favors every now and then. He agreed.

I woke up to sirens screaming and lights everywhere. I ran outside to see what happened. The officers said it was a blood bath. Blood covered every inch of the house. The neighbors reported screaming. No weapons were found and no evidence to point to the killer. I smiled and tried to look surprised as I watch the remains of my neighbor and his friends be removed from the house…….

Today, I have new neighbors. They seem really nice. I hope this goes well. I would hate to see what would happen to them if they are anything like my last neighbors.


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