I was always told that the only way secrets can be kept is if all members are dead but one. I took it literally I guess.

It was the summer of 2012, my friends were drunk and I don’t drink so they woke me up at 2am to come get them from a bar. I wasn’t too happy to get the double trouble twins from a bar when I was asleep.

When I got to the bar they were singing on the side of the street and swining their purses like morons. I got out the car and attempted to shove them in the backseat. It was pitch black out and nobody outside. There was one street light above my head. I was in a panic because I hated being outside but I finally got them to settle down. Before I could get into the car a man seemed to appear of thin air. He made a few remarks and attempted to touch me. I resisted and screamed. 

I was lying on the ground with the man lying next to me with his head smashed in. I was lying in his blood that felt warm and gooey. I tried not to puke at the sight of his brains all over my new shirt. I looked up to see a young girl standing over me. She bent down and stroked my hair then walked away. I sat up watchin her drag a bat that was too heavy for her to lift.

I woke up to my friends sitting on my bed. They looked terrified. I asked them if they were okay. They knew. They saw it. As drunk and confused as they were they saw the little girl kill them man. They said we had to call the police. I refused. He was so creepy pervert who deserved it I thought.

Two police officers sat on my couch as my friends told them everything they saw last night. They looked at me for confirmation but I refused to say anything. I got attacked not them. Then out the corner of my eye I could see the little girl holding the bat. She smiled and covered her mouth with one hand. I looked back at the officers and told them I don’t remember anything.

I got a phone call at 2am. I needed to come identify the body. I agreed. My other friend Sasha called to tell me she got the same call. No call from Brenda…….

The body was Brenda’s……

Her head was bashed in. I could barely make out her face but I saw her tattoo. The same tattoo we all had on our right thigh. It was her. She was dead. I looked at Sasha who was crying. Brenda was her friend since they could talk. I wondered who did it but I knew who it was. The cops asked for a statement but I gave nothing again.

Sasha thought it would be safe to stay together at my house. I thought well no because someone is killing you next and I don’t want to be a witness. Even my thoughts were sarcastic and I wondered why I barely had friends.

We layed next to each other as she went to sleep. I stayed up to message people via social media because I was bored and she was snoring. I layed my phone down and attempted to go to bed.

I heard screaming and I woke up to see Sasha was gone. I got out the bed running toward her voice as I could hear the sound of meat being smashed over and over. The screaming stopped. I found her body and the little girl in my backyard.

The cops came because my neighbors reported screaming. They questioned me for hours but I said nothing. I told them I knew nothing.

I went back to my house. I showered and got changed for bed since I was at the station all day it was night again. I sat up by lamp light waiting for her to come kill me. I figured I was next. I was prepared and ready to die so I waited.

A few years had gone by and occasionally I see that little girl but I didn’t die. I wonder if my friends kept their mouth closed would they still be alive too. 


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