When We Cuddled

My husband is always away at work but when he is a home he makes up for our time apart. We go out to eat and snuggle on the couch later. He texts me all the time and then he randomly pops up to surprise me which is beyond sweet.

One time he was gone for weeks but we texted the whole time. One day the texts stopped and I was worried. I called our families to see if they heard from him but nobody heard anything. I stayed in bed crying everyday when I couldn’t get up to function. Then one night I was sleep and I felt someone hold me. I knew it was him and I laid there while he held me. I missed him so much. Then I got a text………from my husband. The text was informing me he was on his way home………who is this lying next to me?


(I heard this story from a friend and thought dear gosh this is upsetting so I wanted to share it.)


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