I honestly thought she was possessed. By what? Um no clue but she did some strange stuff. I find her having a complete conversation with herself in multiple tones of voice. She would flip emotions very quickly and didn’t think it was odd. Once her stab her hand and didn’t realize it. She was in a trance of some sort. So one day I decided to stay up and watch her in night vision goggles. I wasn’t being creepy more like terrified she would harm herself or murder my bunny Henry. He was a innocent little bunny.

Henry and I decided to stay on the couch to monitor my roommates movement. She looked like she was sleep walking and then made strange animal noises. She was eating random raw things in the fridge. I just held my bunny and watched. He wasn’t much company because he fell asleep. 

When I told her what she did the next day she just laughed. Then she had a blank creepy stare then started high pitch screaming like she was in pain. She was clawing at her face screaming to get something out of her. So I slapped her……she stopped and looked at me. I told her she needed some help so we got a psychiatrist involved. Henry and I moved back home with mom. From what I heard the psychiatrist was scared of her so she called a priest. It’s not funny but she use to say I was weird. 


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