Home Alone

One of my friends from college had the house to herself. Everyone went on vacation but her. She lived in a 9 bedroom house so she lived with 8 other people. One day she asked me to come over for the weekend because a house that big is creepy alone so I did. Of course just two of us wasn’t enough people for me so I brought two people with me.

We all stayed in the same room and yelled throughout the house so everyone knew where we were going and where we were. She felt safer with this routine. Well, there was a part of the house we checked three times a day together since we were never on that side of the house. There was nothing wrong with it just a huge house. 

The campus police came by whenever we needed because the officers knew who stayed at school on break. Well on the last day of break three cops show up and ask to search the house. They took us to the station until they felt it was safe to go back. We were confused by what was going on.

When the cops searching the house returned to the station they explained everything. Someone saw a man seek into the house and was living in a part of the house we rarely checked. He was arrested and sent away.

I was glad he was caught. He was well known for butching people. 


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