I live in a small town and I never met so many people who are paranoid about the storm that was coming. Everyone was saying stay in my house and lock my doors. I sort of looked at my cat weird like he might know something about it. I told them sure but I grew up in rough weather and I would go shopping in the weather but the look on my neighbors faces made me concerned. The schools let out early and nobody was on the street at all. I locked my house down and sat in my office with one small light on with my cat. I sat on the floor and peeped out the window for a long time trying to see what could be so bad. The rain began and the fog rolled in. The fog was so thick you could cut it like cake. I had never seen fog so thick before. I stopped looking and spoke to my cat about moving because this town was freaking weird. He just purred and looked at me contently. I heard a scream. Sounded high pitched and terrifying. I peeped out the window to see it was dark outside. How did it get dark in less than three minutes? I heard more screams. I called the police who said stay inside everything will be handled. I grabbed my guns because I didn’t believe everything will be fine. Then I heard a knock on my door. I locked my office and barricaded the door. Then it became silent for hours eventually I feel asleep with my cat curled up on my chest as I slept. 

I woke up to find daylight it was 7am. I slept a whole 12 hours which seemed impossible. I peeped outside to a clear day and my neighbors outside gardening and such. I left my office and went to my kitchen to feed my cat and I. Then went outside to my neighbor across the street. I asked her what happened. She smiled and told me don’t worry about it. They got who they came for…..

Ummm yep me and my cat are definitely moving. 


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