Cat Lady

It is said that where cats go death follows and a soul is taken by their leader. I love cats and I feed strays everywhere I go but not everyone is as nice to cats as I am. There is a man that lives a block over who is extremely rude and smacks cats out his way. They meow in pain and when he leave I collect them to make sure they are okay. I try to keep them in my yard away from the mean man but sometimes they get curious. Well last week he got tired of the cats and shot into their group. I heard the shot and ran outside to see the cats running to my yard. I looked around to see all them screaming but someone was missing. I walked over to his yard. He spit at my feet and told me to get my dead pest off his property. There was blood everywhere as I cried and collected the remains of a kitten. I buried it in my backyard and watched as the cats surrounded me. I told them I was sorry as tears rolled down my face and I blamed myself.

In the middle of the night I heard screams. I got up to look around my house and checked my garage where I made it into the cats new home. They were all gone. How did they get out? I threw on some clothes and ran down the road ready to fight for those cats but when I got there the door was wide open. All the cats were on his lawn. I walked inside to see his blood covered the walls and his guts outside his body. On the wall was written “Cats feel too”-the cat lady

I walked outside to see a dark figure walking away as the cats watched. They turned to me and I didn’t feel sorry for that miserable jerk. I told the cats lets go home and we headed back to my house. I noticed my group was a little bigger now. I didn’t mind because my garage had plenty of room and was heated too. As I got everyone inside and back in bed I noticed a note on a big black cat. He was new so I pet him and took the note. All it said was thank you. 

If the cops ever come around to investigate well they won’t find anything. 


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