Death Bells

Ever hear a ringing noise in your ear? Like it’s like a bell of some sort very crystal clear and scary. I use to hear them a lot. I remember when I first heard the ringing in my left ear. I had a friend who was very wild so people would say. She was always in trouble and never cared about the consequences of her actions. I was always there to save her because I was afraid something bad would happen to her. She was going to a party and asked me to come. I told her no because I wasn’t comfortable plus I wasn’t much of a social person. She decided to go. I told her it was a bad idea because her ex was going to be there but she didn’t care she just thought about fun. As she walked away I heard a bell as soft as a breeze. I looked around confused as to where the sound was coming from. I didn’t think nothing of it.

The next day her parents arrived at my house asking questions. My friend was murdered at the party by her ex. The ringing stopped.

Sometimes I hear the bell when I meet someone then die it seems. I haven’t heard the bell in awhile but recently I met a guy who is really nice. The ringing started again. I hope he safe. 


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