In my old city there was a bridge with a horror story behind it. People use to walk under it as a short cut but never come out the other end. A lot of the elders said it was a portal to another world or hell. I wasn’t a curious child so I didn’t want to know. One day a friend of mine decided we should check it out. I agreed but said I wouldn’t go inside. She laughed and took a flashlight with her as she went under the bridge. We had walkies so she spoke to me as she walked underneath to tell me she made it to the other side. I heard screaming and a voice that wasn’t heres speaking a language I have never heard. I flashed my light in the tunnel crying because I couldn’t save her. I heard something coming towards me from out the tunnel so I ran screaming for help. I eventually ran into an officer who took me home and they began to search for my friend. They found nothing as they went under the tunnel several times just her walkie. It’s like she vanished without a trace.


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