Old Barn

I use to visit my grandparents on their old far where they had a barn a mile away that all the kids were told to stay away from. Well tge kids in the area all decided to explore and invited me even though I only visited in the summer.

It was a cool summer night. I was 13 years old. I wore blue overalls with Elmo that red fuzzy monster on them. I had a sweater on over them because it was sort of chilly. I carried a backpack with snacks and a flashlight. I was terrified but the local kids were very brave and tough unlike me. 

A girl named Emily walked with me to the barn to meet the other 7 kids. She held my hand and talked about her pony Glitter. I didn’t feel afraid with her until I saw the barn. 

We looked around the barn with flashlights but found nothing so we decided after two hours to call it quits. As we were leaving a noose fell out of no where and dangled over our heads. We all looked up shocked and afraid to move. Not me. I ran so fast I don’t remember who I left and screamed all the way back to my grandparents house. I locked all the doors and windows. I hide under the bed with the dog and told her everything that happened. She cuddled with me until I fell asleep. 

I woke up the next day to ask my grandparents why nobody was allowed near the barn. They went on to tell me about a man who murdered his family in the barn. He hung them all with a noose each. He is still there til this day and nobody knows why. Every person that visits something bad happens to them. They told me to never go. 

The next day I left for the summer and I don’t know if anything happened to anyone that summer but when I got home I got a phone call from Emily. She said the barn was burned down. I asked why. She said because several noose was found on her family’s lawn the next day after we visited the barn. 


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