Black Cats

People are afraid to visit my house because I have only black cats. Some people have this weird superstition about black cats stealing your soul or being bad luck but my cats don’t do either. I don’t believe they are bad because they are black cats. Maybe because I feed them and rub them they are so happy they decide to keep me around instead of stealing my soul. I think it’s all funny. 

A friend of mind says that someone in her neighborhood died in his sleep and when they found him there was a black cat sitting on his chest. They said it looked as though the cats sucked his last breath out of him as he died. 

Once again sounds creepy but I don’t believe it. My cats are little angels. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Black Cats

  1. I’ve heard that black cats are good omens. People assume that when a black cat crosses your path, something bad is going to happen. But, what if the black cat was there to warn you of this bad thing? So, I always look at black cats crossing my path as the cat warning me of danger.

    But that’s just me.

    I have two black cats (one’s kind of tortie, but mostly black) and they are just sweet snuggle bugs who love wet food and being under the covers.


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