Creepy Christmas 

I had to work of course but that didn’t bother me at all. After I left work I went to visit my family. When I arrived I noticed a few people I never met before. I didn’t introduce myself because I was too exhausted so I just stayed quiet. We sat around exchanging stories of when we were young and all the lessons we learned. I finally let my curiosity get the best of me and decided to speak the people I didn’t know. They all smiled politely and told me wonderful stories of their lives but something didn’t add up. I asked them where did they live. They told me they lived here in the house… grandparents house. They said they like the new house that was built over the old one. I smiled and nodded as I finally decided to ask a very dumb question. I asked them when did they die. They all smiled and looked at me. 

I had a whole conversation with people who die in the house my grandparents live in and I tried to tell them but my grandmother doesn’t believe spirits so I said oh well don’t make them mad. 

I said my goodbyes as I left and to the spirits as well. They were very nice but they don’t like my grandmother very well. I probably should check on her. 


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