I just wanted to share we deserve to be free. I want to see the world and travel with no restrictions. I want to runaway and feel complete but I’m not. I wonder if others feel this way. 


My cat

This story is about a recent behavior my youngest has shown. He stares at the wall. It’s always the same area. I ask him questions and rub his little chin but he won’t budge. Then finally one day he started hiding and backing away from the spot when I carry him near it. Now he is hiding under the bed and his eyes expanded with fear. I’m afraid myself because he is very brave normally and wild. Now he is cautious because it’s not at the wall anymore it’s walking around with me.

The Well

People go near and never come back. Everyone in the town is really concerned. It has no bottom but just go one for miles. I wanted to test the theory so I told a person I didn’t like to meet me by the well. I pushed him in. He deserved it. He was a horrible person. He fell for what seems like forever but I never heard him hit the bottom……could he still be falling or dead?


I lost control of my body again. I’m just dead inside and out. It’s really dark in here. I wonder does anyone know I’m here. Nobody will find me alive. Why bother being hopeful? It will get me nowhere. How did this happen? I can’t feel my body. How did my arm get over there? Oh no…..he’s coming back.

I was upset

She hurt me. She embarrassed me in front of everyone. She made me feel like a freak. I tried so hard to fit in and be nice. I don’t fit in and I’m not nice. I hid from her but it stopped. Now she hides from me. She is in her closet hiding now. I hope my axe goes right through her. I don’t want to see her suffer because deep down I am pretty nice. 

I wanted her eyes

There was this perfect girl in high school. She was so popular and beautiful but I was not. She was brilliant and smart but I wasn’t. She hair flowed like a mahogany river and my hair didn’t. She was born with a silver spoon where I was born with nothing. It’s hard to grow up and feel self pride when all people do it compare you. I could never be her but I could take them away from her. Even though she had everything the one thing everyone bragged about was her eyes. They were emerald green and shined like the moon in a clear sky. I wanted them so bad. So I took them. She can’t see anymore but her eyes are still beautiful and will always be beautiful……right…….inside…………….my hands. 

She is Gone

She was alone

Sometimes she was frightened 

There were shadows on the wall

Her imagination got away from her

She hid under the covers

She heard the knob twist

Opens the door that leads to the hall

She is scared

She can feel her heart race

She peaks to see what it is

Just shadows on the wall

The door opens

She finds no one

Before she could close the door

She is gone

The mirror

My grandmother brought me an old mirror that belonged to her dad. It is a beautiful antique and I wondered why she would want to part with it. I cleaned it up and decided to put it in my room. There was this tiny blur I couldn’t get off the mirror and each day it grew bigger until I realized it was a being of some sort. I was frightened to I moved the mirror to the living room. One day I went downstairs to see the blur was gone. I heard something moving in my house. I held my mouth as i moved around so it wouldn’t hear me. It was out the mirror and in my house. I decided not to investigate and just leave in what I had on. I grabbed my purse, keys, and my boots. I left the house in my pajamas. I sat in the car watching something shift from room to room. It was definitely out the mirror.