Valentines Gift

I wait by the phone and you never call. I stare at my phone and your text never come. You say you are busy and I know its true. I wish you would acknowledge me and realize I exist too. I offer to cook and bring your things made with love but you reject me. I wait up all night hoping you remember I am your girlfriend. The hours go by and I get nothing. The holiday of love arrives and you are excited about it. You give me a gift. I didnt think you cared but it doesnt last long. You kiss me and leave. I dont hear from you until tomorrow. I snap. I decide to drive to your house so we can talk about our relationship but you see nothing wrong. I cry but you dont care. You leave me outside with tears in the rain so I burned down your house. You escaped and I chased you with the axe in my trunk. I love seeing the fear in your eyes and the tears you cry for the pain I carried for loving you. I kill you and call the cops. I sit and wait for them to come. I hope they kill me. Im tired of love.


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