You Know

I stood over him with his chest open. His eyes were wide open watching my dissect him. He was still alive. That is the power of good drugs. You can be almost dead but still very much alive. He had so much panic in his eyes and I found it very amusing. He wasnt just another victim for me. No. This one was very special. He was a killer. He recently did a hit and run. He left a wife and child without a father and husband. That is very upsetting and I dont understand how people can be so heartless and cruel. Yet I stood over him as his eyes teared up like they were begging for mercy. I felt no sympathy. The man was a good dad. That is rare in today’s society. Every little girl should know what its like to be love by their dad unconditionally but he was dead. The last memory was seeing her dad brains all over the street and the guy driving away who killed him. Its a sad memory to have honestly. That wont be her last memory anymore now it will be me carving out his heart. 


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