I live in a small city but my grandparents live in a small town. The town population is 700. They needed me to come over last night because my grandpa was sick. I hate driving there in the dark because they have no street lights in the town. I decided I would go and just be prepared to die in the dark. When I arrived to the home which I passed 8 times because I couldnt see the house so I just took a chance of driving into their front door. I didnt hit the house but the cow found me which was nice. I greeted the cow and went upstairs to the front door. Before I could knock someone opened the door. It was a man well at least I think it was a man. He was in all black and greeted me with a creepy smile. Most of his teeth was missing so I tried not to stare. I was ready to beat the crap out of him like a punching bag but before I could move he walked passed me. When I turned my head he was gone. I heard for footsteps or saw a body anywhere. The cow was by the stairs so and she didnt seem to see anyone either. My grandmother came to the door with a gun. I screamed and put my arms up. I explained to her what happened……. They made me stay that night maybe because they were afraid of him and felt safe with me or maybe they felt I was safer with them. I have never seen an entity of some sort just open a door and greet you. Whatever he was he wasnt human and he wasnt alive. I wasnt afraid of him just curious as to why he was there. Then again that smile was enough to hope he never comes back.


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