A lonely Cat

My neighbor died. He died alone with no one. No funeral. No family. I left flowers at his door. I never felt so sad. I couldnt image how scared he was at his moment of death. 

They never found his body. He was dead and the body went missing. How does that happen? 

There is a cat at my door. He is so cute. He is chubby and reminds me of someone. I take him in. Everyone deserves to be loved at some point. 

I read the newspaper and saw my neighbors picture. I felt a tear run down my face. The cat came and licked my face. His eyes were comforting like everything is okay. 

I tried to pick a name but he didnt like any of them but he answered to one name……..Troy. Troy was my neighbor’s name. He kind of looks like him. They have the same eye color, both husky, and have a little goatee. 

I let the cat outside and he always goes the my neighbors house and sit on his porch swing. Mr. Troy always sat there every morning. 

I think my cat is Mr. Troy. His soul probably went into the cat and came to me. I loved his as if he was my own grandpa. I call his name and he comes. The only name he didnt hiss at was Troy and his body was missing.

I found a old picture of Mr. Troy…..with the same cat I have on his lap. The cat has to be like 30 years old in human years. That’s strange. 


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