Help Me

She just showed up at my door in tears. I had no idea who she was. She said she heard of me and needed my help. She couldnt sleep or eat. It wouldnt let her. People were afraid to come anywhere near her apartment. She said it was haunted. Everyone thinks their house is some how haunted so I didnt really take her serious. She showed me the marks on her body and they didnt look human. I told her I believed her and I would help. She said no matter where she went it followed so I told her to stay with me. 

I stayed up all night to watch her and to make sure she was safe. The next day we went to a priest to get his input…..a demon he said. Why on earth would she come to me with a demon issue? I could barely handle giving my cats a bath. A demon? Oh hell…..

We all went to her apartment as the priest prepared everything. She held on to me in tears saying she was afraid. I told her everything would be find and he was a professional. In my mind I figured he would die like all horror movies showed me. 

He waved his bible around while throwing holy water every where and telling the demon to go away. I grabbed her hand and we stood back because I knew this would get ugly. As tables flew around and glass broke everywhere she screamed. I couldnt scream and I wasnt afraid. I was more concerned about the bull like human hybrid charging at us at full speed. 

The priest stood his ground as I grabbed her and ran to the door. It wouldnt open. We were trapped inside. I could see the panic on her face. I grabbed a chair and hit the windows trying to get out the house. I had refused to die this way. The window broke and I pushed her out. Run!!!! I told her to not look back as something grabbed my leg and drug me back through the apartment. I grabbed the wooden cross from the floor and started hitting it to let me go. It screamed in pain as I kept hitting it. It let go then there was the priest, dead. His body was snapped in half. His eyes vacant and wide open. I didnt feel anything. I could hear every beat my heart made. 

I stood up as the beast towered over me. I held the heavy cross in my hand and I knew if I had to die I was going to beat the hell out of him every step of the way. I closed my eyes and felt a tear run down my face. I screamed get out over and over while swinging the cross around hitting him. I was crying. I refused to open my eyes but when I did… was gone. 

I looked around and saw nothing but the priest body. I heard sirens. There was help here. They came rushing in and asking questions while flashing lights in my eyes. I couldnt feel anything. Time had slowed down. I walked outside to see her run up to me. She hugged me and said thank you. I was asked to go to the station for questioning which I agreed. 

Demon…….you expect us to believe that? I nodded my head. Its all I had. How come we didnt get attacked by this so called demon? The cop laughed. I smiled. I didnt care what they had to say because she was free and so was I. The priest was dead so that meant one of them was next. 

As I was leaving the station I heard screaming. What is that!? Shoot it!!!…..well that wasnt my problem.


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