Demon Child

Day 1

I had a strange nightmare and I was afraid to sleep for a long time. I burned sage and everything I was told to do to keep evil spirits away. 

Day 50

Im pregnant……how? I live with a girl cat. She couldnt have done this. The last time I touch a man……hmm well I might be a nun now.

Day 120

My stomach seems to be growing pretty fast. I went to the doctor and they said I am due in a week. I swear this baby just appeared out of thin air. The doctors seemed concern and asked me about the father. I told them that it was impossible to birth Jesus again so I might be giving birth to the anti christ.

Day 130

I am holding my child. My kid has horns not big ones just two cute little ones. He isnt read or have a tail but he still cute. My doctors called to ask for a visit but I told them no. Seems old to say hey here is my demom baby for a check up. 

Day 268

He is crawling. Is that normal? I looked it up on the internet but a baby this young shouldnt be mobile yet. 

Day 274

He wont drink his milk. Im afraid he will die. He likes meat though. He ate my cat. He was just on the floor eating my cat. Wow this is one strong kid. 

Day 346

The neighbors reported me. I am a great mother. An officer is at the door. I opened the door to let her in. She brought a social worker. They asked to see the baby. I put a little beanie on his head so they wouldnt see his horns. They told me he was running a fever and I told them he is fine. They walked out with my baby as I cried. I am an unfit mother they said. He needs medical attention they said.  

They didnt get very far. I walked to the bloody car and opened the door to my giggling baby boy. He ate them…… I picked him up and smiled. I wasnt upset. I love my baby. I guess we have to move now. 


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