I woke up this morning to a male’s voice. It was sort of broken up and confusing. I don’t remember exactly what the words were but the voice was clear. I sat up at 8:23am looking around for the voice and wondering how anyone could have got into my apartment. I decided to get up and start my day. I sat down and had a cup of coffee then I heard the voice again. It was like the person was standing over me. I could feel someone breathing on my neck but nobody was there…..

The day went as normal. I heard the voice a few times but it was very faint. It was 7:48pm when I decided to stop for gas for my car. After I pumped the gas I sort of sat there in a daze. Then I heard the voice clear as ever. I turned my head to see a man sitting in my car. He turned to me and pointed at the street. HELP! I turn to the street to see the same exact man walking around the street. There was a car coming. I looked to see the person was gone from my car. I looked for the man in the street and all I saw was blood. The car hit him and his body was smeared across the car. I held my mouth at disbelief…….

I lied awake in tears. I could have saved him. The man told me to save him before he died. Why didn’t I save him? I eventually cried myself to sleep.

I woke up early. I could hear a voice of a woman. I closed my eyes and it became very clear. HELP! I opened my eyes and rushed to get dress. I wasn’t going to let that happen again. As I headed towards the door a woman appeared. I looked at her and told her to show me the way so I can save her……


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