Never there

I fell inlove. We were together for months and I was excited to show the world my love for him. I told him it was time to meet my family but he refused. I figured he was ashamed or not serious about marrying me. I begged and cried but he said he had a valid reason why. I asked him could I meet his family. He looked sad and concerned. After hours of trying to get him to say yes he left me an address to meet him and his parents. I was beyond excited and nervous. I dressed really pretty and made sure to get there early…..

It was a cemetery. I didnt understand but then I did. His parents were dead. I was alone at the grave yard just minutes after the sun rose. I walked about to find their graves and when I found it I sat down in front of them. I took a deep breath and introduced myself. I told then I loved their son and wanted to be with him for eternity. Then my smile left my face when he came up to me. I asked him what was wrong. He had tears running down his face. He removed the vines from the stone next to theres. HERE LIES…… I screamed. I stood up having a panic attack. It couldnt be. It was him. He was dead. He couldnt be dead. We spent months together but he died two years ago. 

I lied awake all night crying and drinking wine. I felt horrible and depressed. It all made sense why he wouldnt let our families meet or why I never been to his house. I cried myself into an uncomfortable sleep. 

I dreamed about him. Every moment played in my dreams. I sat up and realized I couldnt live myself without him. When I turned my head he was sitting in my bed. He apologized and asked me to still be with him forever. He spoke sweet words of love and affection. I waited a long time for someone like him to love me after having such a miserable life. I wasnt going to let such pure love go so I agreed. We would be together forever.

Later, my body was found in my home. I was in my bed and I looked so peaceful. I died in my sleep with a smile on my face. 


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