Tear me open PLEASE 

I havent been the same since I woke up in the middle of the woods in an open grave. I didnt go to the hospital because I felt okay.  I went home to shower and continue my day like normal even though I felt far from it. I stood in my living room staring at the wall with a serious throbbing in my head and my throat. It felt like something was trying to get out of my body. I cried in pain scratching at my throat with blood and skin under my nails. I couldnt get it out. My aunt  kicked in my front door to find me on the floor with a knife trying to get it out.

I lie awake in the hospital with restraints. I couldnt move and my throat was bandaged up. I was crying asking what was wrong with me. The doctor says I was trying to kill myself. I told her there is something inside me and I need it out. She said she couldnt find anything. It was all in my mind.


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