Im sort of glad dying inside isnt a physical thing you know. Imagine rotting from the inside smelling like a corpse someone left behind by accident in the wood. Flies would surround your body waiting to eat you once the rotting spreaded to your beautiful outside coat. Your organs would shut down or you could be a zombie. So if im sad and dying inside am I a zombie? Well I dont have the urge to eat flesh but sometimes just rip it off other people. I guess that is close enough right. Vampire would be better though.



I cant swim. I always hate being near bodies of water. I tried really hard but I couldnt learn. I use to watch the kids play and wish I could swim like them. One day I told a friend of mine I couldnt swim. I was invited to a pool party so I went. Some people got drunk and started fighting. I was knocked in the pool. I was fighting to get out the water. Everyone watched me die.  I saw my body sink to the bottom. I tried to save my body but they slipped through my transparent hands. My body eventually floated to the top. Everyone just stared. My friend walked outside to the pool to see my body. She jumped in to pool me out. She cried and held me yelling at everyone for not helping but I was gone. I sat on the ground staring at my lifeless body and my friend eyes go dark. She went back into the house to grab a few things. She came back out with a gun and was shooting everyone in sight. She snapped. 

I watched the bodies fall around me. Blood flying all over the ground. She smiled as she murdered everyone. She put the gun in her back pocket and came over to carry my body. She put me in her car and buckled me in. I sat up front watching my friend in tears. I was all she had. Then she shot herself. 


I woke to my mother throwing holy water all over my room. She looked scared and concerned. She said I was talking in my sleep but it wasnt my voice. She said I have been doing it all week then she saw someone standing over my body. She turned the lights on then it was gone. She decided to put crosses all over my room and pray over me. Im not sure what is going on but I think I am better off not knowing for my sanity’s sake.