He wouldnt let my nails dry

He kept yelling as I was minding my own business. He was throwing stuff around as I put on my first coat of nail polish. It was beautiful. Royal blue with glitter in the mix. I just bought the polish and I was excited to use it. He kept screaming at me wondering why his dinner wasnt ready. Well I work 10 hours a day and still have to keep the house clean after tornado jackass decides to act like a child. Hmmm I wonder why dinner isnt ready. Normally this didnt bother me but he grabbed my face and screamed at me. The nail polish felt over and spilled all over the floor. I didnt finish my second coat. It was the last bottle in the store. It was limited edition and wouldnt come back out until 6 months. My nails were smudged. I wanted to cry. All my money went to supporting his dumb dreams and stupid issues. All I wanted was something for myself. I just wanted that nail polish. I felt tears run down my face as I got up to wash my hands in the kitchen. I dried my hands on my shirt so I could kept the polish with me somehow. He sat down and laughed. I grabbed a skillet and hit him in the back of the head over and over and over until I couldnt recognize him. I smiled. I felt free and happy. He was dead and I didnt have to cook. I went to shower and get dressed. I grabbed his wallet and his car keys. I drove to the store where they had one polish left which was the tester. I begged for it. The woman had pity on me and gave it to me. I went home to start over as I polished my nails at the table where his brains were smeared everywhere and I finished. It looked wonderful on me. 

So thats why you killed your husband? The officers looked shocked as if they couldnt believe someone like me could kill someone.

Yes. I smiled. I was proud of my nails…..


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