Inside I died. I felt every ounce of my soul leak out my pores. I wanted to cut my skin off. I wanted to die. I would deal with the consequences of going to hell if it mean leaving this hell I called my life. I thought about all the ways I could kill myself. None of them seemed good enough at the time. I wanted to hurt all the way until my last breath. I didnt want the classic slit my wrist way or to hang myself. I didnt own a gun but even then I didnt want to shot myself. I couldnt swallow a bottle of pills either. I decided to die by electrocution. It was perfect and extremely painful until the end. I showered and didnt dry off. I stuck my finger in the socket. My life flashed and I didnt miss anything about it. I smelled my flesh burning. I didnt cry or scream. I felt relieved it was finally over. I looked at my body as I stood up. I felt free…..I dont regret my death. 


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