Cold blood

I swam to a surface of blood. The sea bled red for miles. I climbed on land with blood on every inch of my body. I wiped my eyes to see not a soul around and I didnt know how I got here. I wasnt afraid. I was curious. There was no way out. Then two doors appeared. A gate keeper arrived to give my options to redeem myself from this hell. The first door was back to my old life which gave me a chance to prevent the mistake that sent me to hell. The second gate gave me a new life but I wouldnt remember my old life or my hellish experience. I love my family so I wanted my old life but I didnt want the bad memories of my life. I looked at the gate keeper and decided on the new life. He told me I couldnt change my mind and I agreed. The door opened as I stepped in………I should have went back to my old life……

Bleeding Soul

My eyes bleed and all I can think about is killing you. I watch you sleep and feel every ounce of pain you give me. I could kill you. I see myself stabbing you over and over. You dont love me and you never will. You are a manipulative person. I was a victim. I wanted love and acceptance. Its my own fault but I would go to hell if I could take you with me so we could suffer as one.


I lied awake taped to the bed. He stood over me with gasoline and a lighter. He wanted to sacrifice me to the devil. He said the devil wanted a pure soul. I laughed at him. I told him my soul hasnt been pure since birth. He stood frozen and confused as I cut the tape off my legs. I stabbed him in the chest repeatedly with the scissors. I poured the gas on him and set him on fire in the middle of the hotel room. I walked out the door and closed the door behind me.


Inside I died. I felt every ounce of my soul leak out my pores. I wanted to cut my skin off. I wanted to die. I would deal with the consequences of going to hell if it mean leaving this hell I called my life. I thought about all the ways I could kill myself. None of them seemed good enough at the time. I wanted to hurt all the way until my last breath. I didnt want the classic slit my wrist way or to hang myself. I didnt own a gun but even then I didnt want to shot myself. I couldnt swallow a bottle of pills either. I decided to die by electrocution. It was perfect and extremely painful until the end. I showered and didnt dry off. I stuck my finger in the socket. My life flashed and I didnt miss anything about it. I smelled my flesh burning. I didnt cry or scream. I felt relieved it was finally over. I looked at my body as I stood up. I felt free…..I dont regret my death. 


I lie next to him thinking of someone else. I tried to forget him but I miss him. He left me alone to die or neglect and sadness so I found something fun. The pain and the pleasure was beyond unbearable. It was what I need after my heart was broken and i wanted to die. Now I am lying here wondering what I do now. I cant go back but there is no future here. I sat up and cried half the night but I couldnt remember why. I have thoughts of just killing him and throwing him in my trunk. Both of them. Then again I could runaway and start over but I am tired of leaving a trail of bodies.


I could hear it coming. I was in the dark trying to escape it. I felt my heart beating through my chest. I thought I would die. I was scared to turn around. I couldnt move anymore. My legs felt heavy and exhausted. It was silent. I looked around and saw nothing. The street lights started to flicker. I knew it was time to run again. I ran to a house and beat on the door. I begged for help but nobody answered. I was going to die. I turned around to see it was completely dark. No more street lights. I closed my eyes and prayed it wouldnt hurt too much. 

I did it

He told me loved me and we would be together forever but it was a lie. He said there was nothing there but he lied. He still loved her. She gave him children and I cant. Heart so broken I needed something to ease the pain. I didnt want alcohol or drugs to kill my pain. I wanted to kill him. It was the easiest solution. One less guy to walk the planet holding the pieces of my heart like it was a joke. 

We went out to dinner and acted like nothing was wrong. We drove to the beach to see the stars. I slit his throat and watched him bleed out. The last facial expression he had stays in my head forever but I am happier knowing he is gone. No more tears or broken heart. No more feeling at all.

No smell

The good thing about living in a town that stays cold all year around is you can hide bodies. They stay cold so no funky smell. There was a pedophile living in our town. People were afraid to let their children come out and play. One day I saw him stop a child. I told the kid to run home. The man was upset. I wasnt. I had a motive. 

When it was dark out I snuck into his house . He heard me and came to look for the sound. I threw a bag over his head and pushed him down the stairs. He was still breathing. I drug him out or his house as people watched. Nobody said a word or tried to save him. As I beat him senseless with a bat. 

He finally stopped twitching.

Our town has a secret and we are glad it stays cold other wise someone would find his body. 

I thought

I lied wide awake inside my coffin trying to figure out how to get out. I wondered who would bury my alive. I touched my neck and felt no pulse. I was dead. Why am I analyzing my death. What the hell was I do awake when I am dead? 

I turned around to see my grave. How did I get out the coffin? Im a teleporting ghost. I never felt so disappointed. I thought Id be a scary powerful ghost not some stupid teleporting ghoul. 

I walked down the road where no sounds were heard. I saw him. He was death. He approached me and smiled. I was already dead I figured hell was next. He gave me his scythe as he smiled and left me. He left a note that told me I am death now.

I thought when I died I would be at peace not have such a stupid burden. 

He wouldnt let my nails dry

He kept yelling as I was minding my own business. He was throwing stuff around as I put on my first coat of nail polish. It was beautiful. Royal blue with glitter in the mix. I just bought the polish and I was excited to use it. He kept screaming at me wondering why his dinner wasnt ready. Well I work 10 hours a day and still have to keep the house clean after tornado jackass decides to act like a child. Hmmm I wonder why dinner isnt ready. Normally this didnt bother me but he grabbed my face and screamed at me. The nail polish felt over and spilled all over the floor. I didnt finish my second coat. It was the last bottle in the store. It was limited edition and wouldnt come back out until 6 months. My nails were smudged. I wanted to cry. All my money went to supporting his dumb dreams and stupid issues. All I wanted was something for myself. I just wanted that nail polish. I felt tears run down my face as I got up to wash my hands in the kitchen. I dried my hands on my shirt so I could kept the polish with me somehow. He sat down and laughed. I grabbed a skillet and hit him in the back of the head over and over and over until I couldnt recognize him. I smiled. I felt free and happy. He was dead and I didnt have to cook. I went to shower and get dressed. I grabbed his wallet and his car keys. I drove to the store where they had one polish left which was the tester. I begged for it. The woman had pity on me and gave it to me. I went home to start over as I polished my nails at the table where his brains were smeared everywhere and I finished. It looked wonderful on me. 

So thats why you killed your husband? The officers looked shocked as if they couldnt believe someone like me could kill someone.

Yes. I smiled. I was proud of my nails…..