So I leave because of stress yet its not the best to do. I cant protect them and I cant retaliate either. Theres nothing to do but walk away. I will be said but I will return with demons to drag them to hell!



Ever sit in front someone super cocky and you wonder if you could knock them down a few pegs? Just reach other and slap the hell out of them. Then drag them to a random cave and hopes it leads to one of the seven gates of hell. I do. I use to believe that no place on earth could house a gate to hell. I thought maybe earth was hell and there was a portal to paradise. I met someone who use to get on my nerves to no end then one day I stumbled across this cave in Colorado. If its a quiet day you hear faint noises like screams coming from the cave. So I wanted to test my theory. This person was a waste of space and a bad person. I convinced this nonbeliever that they should explore the cave. Well he likes to always be right. We are going on day 13 and he still in that cave. I wonder how long it takes before he dead from dehydration or lack of food first.


It started with a fever. I thought I had the flu but it wasnt that. I had these vivid tormented dreams about hell. I was trying to save someone who lost their way. I couldnt get to them. Each them I tried and wake up hot with burning red skin. This is hard to do since im already very brown but I finally saved him. When I woke up my bed was smoking from my body being on fire. I looked over to find the little girl I saved holding my hand. I sat up to touch her face. She doesnt talk but I named her Rain. I dont know what to do with her so when people ask about the randon 6 year old girl in my house and my lack of bed I say I saved an angel from hell. My daughter Rain.


I thought the drugs were working. I feel numb and empty yet I could tear my skin off. Between my mom and my fiance I could hang myself. Yeah they would be sad but people who drive you to the brink of insanity are never truly sad. You are never the victim just to weak to not do it. I may need stronger meds. These arent working anymore. Can you be numb yet in agonizing pain? I might just runaway. Seems easier.


I was afraid to swim my whole life and I never knew why so I decided on one summer day to take my first swim with some friends. I was extremely nervous and the water was freezing. I stepped my toe in the water and walked in slowly. Once the water was up to my neck I moved my arms and legs. It seemed simple enough and I was getting comfortable until something grabbed my leg. It felt like daggers dragging across my legs as I struggled to breathe air. I scream and cried as one of my friends swam to save me thinking I was just in a panic. I was pulled under the water and finally I saw it. The creature couldnt be described but it was like a giant black shadow with eyes. It had multiple arms grabbing every part of my body to drag me down. I felt someone grab me from above. The creature fought to keep his grip as I hit it with all I had until it let go. When I finally made it back to land I lied there crying with my friends holding me. That was the first and last swim I ever had.

Rethinking life

I woke up inside a closed container. Maybe a trunk. Im not sure. I have scratches on my arms and face yet I dont know how I got here. I dont have much space to move but my knees are touching the lid. I exhale as I wonder what I did to deserve this shit. Im not claustrophobic. Im sort of glad about that. I can hear screams from outside my containment. One by one I hear lids opening and guns firing. The sound is getting closer then I hear my lid open………..

A Scare

I heard gun shots and I hid under a table with a long tablecloth. He had a gun that looked like it needed a stand. The rounds per minute was insane for something he held. I only saw his feet and he entered the room. He lifted the cloth to find me and looked up then left. I dont know why he left me alive or if he heard something that made him run away. He was never caught. One day I ran into a guy fitting his description. I touched his arm and he looked at me with a smile. I asked him what made him pick his victims and why didnt he kill me? He said with an honest smile “Freaks need to stick together”.


I thought for a long time what I should say to you. I cant say sorry or I was wrong because I wasnt yet here I lay on top of your grave wondering how I can be forgiven. How can I move one from this pain? My heart was broken and you didnt care. You hurt me deeply and lied to my face. You cant fix this type of hurt and I can look you in the eyes anymore especially since I buried you alive in this grave I am laying on. You only have a few hours of oxygen left which could be enough time to decide what I should do with you. Your phone rings and I answer it. Its that girl you cheated on me with. We speak. It doesnt go well. I hang up and decide what I should do. I loved you. I really did but now I have to go dig a hole for her. Guilty is guilty. I wonder how long you have been down there now.