I live in a small town and I never met so many people who are paranoid about the storm that was coming. Everyone was saying stay in my house and lock my doors. I sort of looked at my cat weird like he might know something about it. I told them sure but I grew up in rough weather and I would go shopping in the weather but the look on my neighbors faces made me concerned. The schools let out early and nobody was on the street at all. I locked my house down and sat in my office with one small light on with my cat. I sat on the floor and peeped out the window for a long time trying to see what could be so bad. The rain began and the fog rolled in. The fog was so thick you could cut it like cake. I had never seen fog so thick before. I stopped looking and spoke to my cat about moving because this town was freaking weird. He just purred and looked at me contently. I heard a scream. Sounded high pitched and terrifying. I peeped out the window to see it was dark outside. How did it get dark in less than three minutes? I heard more screams. I called the police who said stay inside everything will be handled. I grabbed my guns because I didn’t believe everything will be fine. Then I heard a knock on my door. I locked my office and barricaded the door. Then it became silent for hours eventually I feel asleep with my cat curled up on my chest as I slept. 

I woke up to find daylight it was 7am. I slept a whole 12 hours which seemed impossible. I peeped outside to a clear day and my neighbors outside gardening and such. I left my office and went to my kitchen to feed my cat and I. Then went outside to my neighbor across the street. I asked her what happened. She smiled and told me don’t worry about it. They got who they came for…..

Ummm yep me and my cat are definitely moving. 



They say your soul can wander around looking for something or someone maybe closure. If a person is cremated they roam because there is no body to rest with just ashes. When it rains the spirits go inside to get out of the rain. If a person dies out of nowhere their spirit continues what they were doing before they died. When do you realize that you are dead? We could be dead and going about our day as usual. When will we know?

Random Tired Thought 

I’m so sleepy and I work too much. I could be delusional but the door keeps opening by itself. I go to the bathroom and do my business then find the door unlocked. Last night, I locked my bathroom door and showered but when I moved the curtain the door was open. I could be sleepy or a ghost could just be a jerk. 

Home Alone

One of my friends from college had the house to herself. Everyone went on vacation but her. She lived in a 9 bedroom house so she lived with 8 other people. One day she asked me to come over for the weekend because a house that big is creepy alone so I did. Of course just two of us wasn’t enough people for me so I brought two people with me.

We all stayed in the same room and yelled throughout the house so everyone knew where we were going and where we were. She felt safer with this routine. Well, there was a part of the house we checked three times a day together since we were never on that side of the house. There was nothing wrong with it just a huge house. 

The campus police came by whenever we needed because the officers knew who stayed at school on break. Well on the last day of break three cops show up and ask to search the house. They took us to the station until they felt it was safe to go back. We were confused by what was going on.

When the cops searching the house returned to the station they explained everything. Someone saw a man seek into the house and was living in a part of the house we rarely checked. He was arrested and sent away.

I was glad he was caught. He was well known for butching people. 


I honestly thought she was possessed. By what? Um no clue but she did some strange stuff. I find her having a complete conversation with herself in multiple tones of voice. She would flip emotions very quickly and didn’t think it was odd. Once her stab her hand and didn’t realize it. She was in a trance of some sort. So one day I decided to stay up and watch her in night vision goggles. I wasn’t being creepy more like terrified she would harm herself or murder my bunny Henry. He was a innocent little bunny.

Henry and I decided to stay on the couch to monitor my roommates movement. She looked like she was sleep walking and then made strange animal noises. She was eating random raw things in the fridge. I just held my bunny and watched. He wasn’t much company because he fell asleep. 

When I told her what she did the next day she just laughed. Then she had a blank creepy stare then started high pitch screaming like she was in pain. She was clawing at her face screaming to get something out of her. So I slapped her……she stopped and looked at me. I told her she needed some help so we got a psychiatrist involved. Henry and I moved back home with mom. From what I heard the psychiatrist was scared of her so she called a priest. It’s not funny but she use to say I was weird. 

Foot Prints

I live in the south now so it doesn’t snow here which I hate because I love snow. I remember I use to hate the snow. It was too cold and I would get stuck outside in it. Sometimes the snow made me uncomfortable. It’s just when people walk around and you see everywhere they went. Once everyone in my neighborhood was freaked out and the cops investigated the footprints in the snow. There were footprints by this woman’s window but there were not footprints to show where it began like the person fell out the sky and walked up to her window to peek at her. This happened to a lot of people are my town but no clue who it was or what it was.

I don’t know what is scarier knowing someone was by your window at night or not know where they came from and why. 

Nice Lady

I got ready for class at 8am. I had a Japanese exam and didn’t want to be late. I locked my dorm room and headed down the hall. I was texting on my phone when a woman walked in front of me. I saw her wearing a coat and a scarf on her head. We were headed in the same direction. She opened the door for me and I said thank you but when I looked back she was gone. The door was still open. 

I wonder did she die there……

When We Cuddled

My husband is always away at work but when he is a home he makes up for our time apart. We go out to eat and snuggle on the couch later. He texts me all the time and then he randomly pops up to surprise me which is beyond sweet.

One time he was gone for weeks but we texted the whole time. One day the texts stopped and I was worried. I called our families to see if they heard from him but nobody heard anything. I stayed in bed crying everyday when I couldn’t get up to function. Then one night I was sleep and I felt someone hold me. I knew it was him and I laid there while he held me. I missed him so much. Then I got a text………from my husband. The text was informing me he was on his way home………who is this lying next to me?


(I heard this story from a friend and thought dear gosh this is upsetting so I wanted to share it.)

Another random thought

Why are there always so many cats around my house? They don’t leave they just sit around my house and hang out. When I leave for work I am stepping over cats and kittens. When I check the mail there is a cat in my mailbox. It’s sort of creepy. Why do this cats like me so much? There were no cats when I moved in but then there they were. Just poof cats everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong they are freaking adorable and I greet the every time I pass everyone of them. I even named everyone of them. I might be a crazy cat lady. If I moved I wonder would they follow. 

Angel of Death…..

Working in the medical field is complicated honestly. I have seen things that are burned in my mind forever and haunts my sleep. I’ve switched medication so I can sleep at least four hours a night because of it. Well there is one thing I saw that will forever make me uncomfortable about staying at a hospital at night.

My friend got injured and I decided to stay with him that night at a hospital in Indiana. Well, he was being released in the morning and I promised I’d stay until then to make sure everything goes well. We layed next to each other with pillows dividing us because well we are the strangest best friends anyone has ever met. Even we are uncomfortable with each other but it works.

Anyways. I woke up to him poking me in my forehead with his finger. He told me he was thirsty and the nurses were ignoring him so I got up to find water. Talk about a confusing hospital to walk through. I walked down hallways to find water like come on can I get a freaking vending machine. Then when I finally find the water someone ask can they help me like nope lady we tried and you were texting whoever at your desk back off.

I looked at her in a way that she would catch the hint to go away but I noticed something strange behind her. Now I have seen plenty of horror movies to know don’t investigate but just mind your own business well I was curious in a hospital full of people and I figured it was safe with police all over the building. Well , I was wrong.

I walked down the hall pass her quietly not to disturb any patients to the room where the person walked into. I stopped at a room and what I saw made me sad with a dash of fright. It was Death.

Now people have their interpretations of Death and honestly he probably turns into many things or her not against Death being a woman. That would be awesome but this wasn’t something with a gender I guess. 

It had wings like black as a crow. Huge wings on it’s back. I never saw skin. It was cover with a black robe and a dark cloud of mist following it. It had long bony fingers and it was reaching towards a patient. I didn’t want to see the rest so I backed up slowly away from the room then ran as fast as I could. I don’t know why I ran because it’s not like it couldn’t catch me if it wanted to but I ran anyways. I hurried back to my best friend’s room and closed the door. I handed him a bottle of water and layed back down. He of course asked me what was wrong. I just looked at him. A nurse came in to check on me after she was me running. I didn’t say what I saw but I told her that the patient from Room 306 was going to die. She laughed and said no he made a full recovery……

He died that morning in his sleep. 

I don’t like hospitals.